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Novelist and Certified Story Grid Editor

Maya Rushing Walker

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How do you make something out of


people do it every day

I write fiction. Some people write music. Others make movies. There are different ways to express what's in our heads.

But that's not the whole explanation.

When two people fall in love, they, too are creating something out of nothing. One moment, they're two separate people. The next--they're in the presence of that incredible power called love. They just created something out of nothing.

When an artist creates, the work is incomplete until it's shared. When you hear a piece of music or view a painting or read a novel, the moment where you "get it"--that's where the "something" happens. Without an audience, the artist isn't finished.

Join me!

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A handful of us were trained personally by Shawn Coyne in his Story Grid editing method. We’re dedicated to helping anyone who aspires to writing a satisfying book, do just that. All of Shawn’s materials are available free of charge on his website, and the Story Grid Podcast walks co-host Tim Grahl through an edit of his novel. If you’re curious, you can follow along as I edit my own work and talk about it on the blog. Sign up for my newsletter above and I’ll keep you updated!

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