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Novelist and Certified Story Grid Editor

Maya Rushing Walker

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Living in a

time warp

…on an old New England farm

...means that I have a lot of separation from the "real world" out there. In some ways I think I'm more modern, not less modern...going "off grid" is an old idea with new meaning. Remember Laura Ingalls? Pa Ingalls was forever trying to go off grid, and I understand the urge, because we've gotten pretty close to that ourselves. As a homeschool parent, I run a one-room schoolhouse much the way that Laura did, but my educational off-grid job is much easier because we have the internet. Yet at the same time, I often wish that we all knew less, not more, about every thought that entered people's minds. Sometimes I think we should consider shutting ourselves away from the chatter and checking out the silence. Late at night, if I'm lucky, we can hear the coyotes howling in our woods. I'm reminded that I'm the one encroaching on someone else's territory.

Meanwhile, the next best thing is to immerse oneself in a good book or a symphony, and the internet is supremely helpful when it comes to finding the next great listen or read. I blog weekly (and sometimes more often) about my finds and my work. Come hang out with me. I'll be having a cup of coffee while I work.

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Story Grid Certified

A handful of us were trained personally by Shawn Coyne in his Story Grid editing method. We’re dedicated to helping anyone who aspires to writing a satisfied book, do just that. All of Shawn’s materials are available free of charge on his website, and the Story Grid Podcast walks co-host Tim Grahl through an edit of his novel. If you’re curious, you can follow along as I edit my own work and talk about it on the blog. Sign up for my newsletter above and I’ll keep you updated, plus I’ll send you the editorial notes for my work in progress!

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