we all need it

we don't need more email, actually

so I'm not going to send you many of these

But if you're signing up for this list, you're a writer like me, and you're trying to kick out the words. You're also trying not to write garbage words. I get it. I'm a writer, and I'm also a Story Grid Certified Editor. I'm also a seat-of-the-pants writer! I don't like to outline and I don't like too much structure. It gets into my head and then I'm blocked.

Writers need structure, though. We also need word count. What to do? The answer lies in accountability and discipline. Those sound like scary words, but they're no scarier than the stuff you do every day.

Isn't your writing worth it? Come join me, and this year we'll get it done. You can find me on Facebook and Wattpad, and I'll send you periodic emails to give you a gentle nudge.

Let's get productive!


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